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Hi there👋🏿,
I’m Eni Osonaike also known as the NocTrader – which stands for Nocturnal Trader.
I am UK based technical analysis swing trader spread betting primarily on stocks, indicies and ETF through my accounts.
Why I do it?
Financial independence did not seem viable for me, especially living in London, without another sources of income so I decided to teach myself how to trade through books and YouTube video – and I feel in love became obsessed with trading.
Years of trial and error, and losing lots of money, lead me to the strategy I now use today as a profitable trader.
I’d love to say that I am a six figure trader who doesn’t work a 9-5 anymore but that’s far from the case. But I am still working towards that 🙂
So why go public with my journey? 
I believe their is beauty in documenting the journey towards becoming a big 6 figure trader, more often than not you only get to see these top traders once they have already started making the large amounts but never see the trials and tribulations on the road to success. I also believe there is also a gap in the market for a retail trader who has not previously come from an institutional trading background and still works a 9-5, as this is the reality for the majority of retail traders.
The NocTrader YouTube channel and website was created to document my journey and educate traders on how to become consistently profitable before scaling up.
Happy Trading 📈
– Your Friendly Neighborhood Swing Trader

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